Arquia Banca (as of Jul 2019 with MC)

Banca March (free with Visa as of Dec 2019, although there might be a fee of 1.80 EUR as of Feb 2019 for MC)

Bank Inter (as of May 2019, but apparently now with fees)

CaixaBank (as of Aug 2019 with Visa when selecting Checking account, but apparently with fees of 2 EUR now)

Cajamar (as of Dec 2018 when selecting "Creditcard", but a 1.85€ fee since then!)

Deutsche Bank (as of Apr 2019)

ING (as of Oct 2017, but fees as of Jun 2019 with Visa)

La Caixa (as of Dec 2018 with Visa, but fees of 2 EUR with MC as of Mar 2019!)

Liberbank (as of Dec 2017)

Telebanco (as of July 2017)

UniCaja (with MC as of Mar 2019)

AVOID Sabadell (2 EUR with MC), Bankia (2 EUR with MC), Herrero, Santander group ATMs (2 EUR with MC), Targobank (2 EUR fee) BBVA (1.86 EUR fee), Banco Popular & Caja Rural Granada (1.95 EUR with MC)

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